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K-Net is a nonprofit organization offering internet access to the dormitories on the DTU campus and in the Kgs. Lyngby area.

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Different dormitories have different requirements and procedures to be followed in order for you to access the internet. Therefore, you must contact the network group at your dormitory.

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6 March 2020 21:34

UPDATE April 12, 2020: Due to COVID-19 this work will be postponed until a later date. There will not be any planned service disruptions until further notice.

Notice of service disruptions due to scheduled server maintenance during the following date and time:

Friday, April 17th, 2020 at 09:00 AM CET to Sunday, April 19th, 2020 at 11:00 PM CET

What will be affected?

  • - meaning that you won't be able to change what ports that are open in K-Net firewall.
  • K-Net WiFi - there might be several short dropouts during the maintenance.
  • Internal systems at your dorm might be affected. Please contact your local networking group to hear more.

Emil Kristensen

16 December 2016 15:01

Warning: Internet will DISCONNECT. This will happen on the 20th December between 2pm and 5pm (14:00-17:00).
We need to do a bit of maintinance on our primary connection between the DIX (Danish Internet eXchange), our service provider and our core router.

Lasse Luttermann

14 October 2014 12:05

We are now done changing our upstream provider, so now we are connected to Zen Systems. All in all we had downtime for around half an hour from 10:18 to 10:47.

Lasse Luttermann

02 October 2014 11:08

K-Net will switch upstream internet provider on Tuesday 14. October 2014 (During the Autumn break@DTU).

The switch will take place before noon and the best case case scenario is downtime for well under an hour. But, but, but, if everything goes wrong downtime can last the rest of that day.

Lasse Luttermann

13 May 2014 23:50

We have been asked if K-Net is blocking Spotify, the short answer is NO!

The longer version is: We don’t prioritize between any service providers on the internet, our focus is to provide a fast and neutral internet connection! The reason that the Spotify app may think we are blocking them is most likely due to their servers or network not being fast enough.

Lasse Luttermann

04 May 2014 21:10

Down time! On the 9th May from 8:00am to 2:00pm there will be downtime of about an hour while we install a new core switch. The new switch is a HP 5820 (details here) that can support our growing infrastructure for some time in to the future.
Sorry for the inconvinience this may cause.

Lasse Luttermann

06 Feburary 2014 22:37

The annual general meeting is to be held on the 20ht feburary at 17:30, further information is avaliable by sending an e-mail to "formand AT" or contacting your local network group. Everybody who have a connection through K-Net is welcome at the meeting and can add to the agenda. Deadline for new things to the agenda is the 12th feburary.

Lasse Luttermann

24 December 2013 23:59

Downtime 2013-12-30 11:30 - 12:30

DEiC have announced that they will be upgrading software on their main router in Lyngby. This means that there will be no internet connectivity on december 30th from 11:30 and aproxemedly one hour. There will still be connection to the DTU network, but DTU will properly have no internet either! So it will not be possible to connect through VPN/Proxy.

DEiC har annonceret nedetid grundet opdatering af router software på deres hoved router i Lyngby. Det betyder at alle forbindelser til internettet vil være afbrudt d. 30 december fra kl. 11:30 og op til en time frem. Der vil dog stadig være adgang til DTU's netværk, men da DTU i dette tidsrum sansyneligvis heller ikke har noget internet vil det ikke kunne lade sig gøre at gå på gennem VPN/Proxy..

Lasse Luttermann

17 November 2013 18:20

There have been a minor outage on the network due to a bug in the DHCP server, the problem have now been eliminated and all systems are running as they are supposed to.

Lasse Luttermann

19 October 2013 16:08

We have removed the old core systems today (the old "Firewall 2"). This should not affect anyone, as it was no longer in use. However, if you experience any problems, please let us or your network group know.

Allan Boll

18 July 2013 00:18

We have now fixed the issue with the traffic statistics that was giving wrong usage numbers and spikes in the graphs on the "User settings & stats" page. We have also reset the graphs and numbers in order to not take the wrong numbers into account.

Allan Boll

20 June 2013 00:02

There is currently an issue with the traffic statistics, resulting in wrong usage numbers and strange spikes in the graphs on the "User settings & stats" page. The issue has existed for the past few weeks. Since there is currently no quota limits, the issue has no practical impact (nobody will be blocked or have lowered their speed). We will solve the issue one of the next coming Thursday evenings, where we have K-Net work meetings.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Allan Boll

30 May 2013 15:47

There have been a short disconnection (approximately 10 minutes) of our internet connection due to a router misconfiguration at DeIC. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused!

Lasse Luttermann

8 May 2013 21:10

Our connection to the internet has now been upgraded to 10Gbps. There were stability issues during the afternoon and evening related to the upgrade, but these are solved now.

The speed limits that were enabled on 29 April have been disabled again, since there is now enough bandwidth.

Allan Boll

8 May 2013 15:28

Our internet provider will try to upgrade our internet link today, this means that the connection may disappear for a few minutes.

Lasse Luttermann

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