Wi-Fi Settings

Some K-Net Dorms offer a Wi-Fi solution that is partially shared among all K-Net Dorms. Here are the settings required to connect to those networks.

Official Wi-Fi name is usually either "K-Net" or [dorm abbreviation]-Net, e.g. POP-Net.

Android settings

EAP method: PEAP
Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2
CA certificate: Use system certificate or Do not use (not safe) or Download yourself; We base our trust on Let's Encrypt, download their CA here.
Online certificate status: Do not verify
Domain: arthur.k-net.dk
Identity: [Your username, usually an e-mail address]
Anonymous identity: [Do not fill, leave field blank]
Password: [Your password]
Advanced (leave as is): We do not require Proxy settings, You must use DHCP to get an IP.

Note: CA certificate is not strictly required to connect, but without it you might connect to a network that pretends to be official.


We do not have a guide for any other OS, but the guide for Android can be applied to similar settings with other operation systems.