If you are having problems with your internet connection, you should always first contact your dormitory network group. This group is responsible for the daily operation of the network equipment located at your dormitory.

When requesting support, always include as much information as possible! This means details about your dorm, room, operating systems, if you are using a home router, if you are using dorm wireless (and your location) or not, IP-addresses involved(if any), etc. This will make it much much easier for us to help you.

BEFORE you contact anyone please try this!

Please note that we only provide support on internet connectivity, NOT any of your equipment. Before you contact anyone please try this first:

  1. Check K-Net front page and Facebook for any known issues.
  2. Check for known issues at your dorm. They might send you an e-mail, write it on their website or some common Facebook page for your dorm. If there is an outage at your dorm it does not make any sense to debug your network.
  3. If you are connected wirelessly please try to use a networking cable to connect. If that works the issue might be with your login. Use the contact info below for your dorm to get this resolved. Some dorms might have automatic procedures to reset your password.
  4. Bypass your wifi-router/home router/firewall. Use another networking cable (sometimes cables break) and connect directly with your device to the socket in your wall. You must use DHCP, most devices have this enabled by default. If you do get internet this way the issues you have are internal and you should solve them yourself. If you still have trouble feel free to contact your local networking group using the contact info below.

Please note: Some networking groups might help you with your networking setup. However, this does not mean this should be the expectation in general.

Contact info for your network group

Use the contact information below, but ONLY if you've tried the steps above.

If you get no response from your network group, then you can contact the K-Net operations group on drift at k-net dot dk.

If you are in the network group, then you are welcome to access the operations wiki and contact the K-Net operations group on drift at the same address as mentioned just above.